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The Business Evolution Management Framework (BEM) is oriented on several agile and lean oriented methodologies. Agile Mission Methodologies are the basic element of the Business Evolution Management Framework (BEM) and create the necessary determining factors. The BEM Framework creates no own agile mission methodologies, but instead summarizes existig mission methodologies and best practices in a superordinate meta model.

General information:


Agile -> Nimbly and flexible

Mission -> Particular important task

Methodology -> Ways to reach a goal

Agile BEM Mission methodogy

Mission statement, that the way to reach the goal is nimble and flexible.

Components of the Agile Mission Methodology

- Framework

- Communication

- Mission culture

- Appreciation

- Responsibilities and competencies

- Rolls

- Strategy

- Quality

- Rules

The correct BEM guideline of the Agile Mission Methodology

- The right things will be done correctly

- Where ever possible, Best Practices are deployed

- Complexity and risks are reduced

- The input-output-relation is the center of action

Goal of the agile mission methodology

Create framework to enable a harmonized mission organisation for collaborating with share- and stakeholders


User of the Business Evolution Management Framework (BEM) aim for a nimble and flexible goal with determining factors, who harmonize the market- share- and stakeholder requirements.

Keep in mind:

The methodology should be viewed as a noncommital suggestion. Different views, expectations or experiences lead to different methodologies and practices.

Inspiration & more information

- up4distribution -> the agile startup incubator and accelerator