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By using the BEM collaboration standard of up4distribution, entrepreneurs and users of the BEM framework experience helpful opportunities with the up4d BEM software to support founding or reorganizations.

Background information

Um eine erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit über verschiedene Kulturen, Zeitzonen und Distanzen zu garantieren, wenden wir einen effektiven, transparenten und bewährten BEM Kollaborationsstandard an.

Location information

- up4distribution GmbH, Switzerland - Zürich, business number: CHE-405.734.318

- up4distribution Co., Ltd., Vietnam - Ho Chi Minh City, business number: 0313137179

- Time differences, during summer: MEZ + 5, during winter: MEZ +6 current time


- German

- English

- Vietnamese

Preferred collaboration methods

- Business Evolution Management Framework (BEM)

General cultural collaboration pledge

- Cultural differences are respected opportunities

- Respect, fairness and mutual appraisal are part of our guideline

Our cultural value proposition to employees of up4distribution

- All team members of up4distribution experience:

  • Equality of man and woman
  • Catering
  • We always pay the loan

Our cultural value proposition to customers and stakeholders of up4distribution

- All team members of up4distribution are recruited using following criteria:

  • Education, know how and experience
  • Social- and communicative competence
  • Quality orientation
  • Loyalty


up4distribution with his BEM collaboration standard is a sparring partner and service provider for entrepreneurs and users of the BEM Framework. Share- and stakeholder needs get enriched with the helpful BEM collaboration standard to support founding or reorganizations .

Inspiration & more information

- up4distribution -> the agile startup incubator and accelerator