Goal Description and Fulfill Criteria

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Elements of the BEMboard to describe and define work packages and stickers.

Background information:

Goal Description -> Description of the main goal of tracks, work packages or stickers

Fulfill Criteria -> Individually defined and measurable factors, that are needed to verify if the set goals are achieved effectively.

up4d BEMboard: Goal Descriptions and Fulfill Criteria

up4distribution integrates the function of goal descriptions and fulfill criteria into the BEMboard software to create an agile way of working with clearly defined missions. This reduces the complexities in the collaboration mistakes and and communication related risks.

Goals of the Goal Description and Fulfill Criteria

- Clear task organization

- Improvement of effectiveness and efficiency

- Useful collaboration standard

- Reduce risks in wrong task management

- Agile basics for the internal and external startup collaboration

- Maximization of business opportunities for your startup

- Incubation and acceleration of your business vision

Inspiration & more information

- up4distribution -> the agile startup incubator and accelerator