Iterative and Incremental Strategy

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The iterative and incremental strategy is a repetitive growth tactic, which are used to Business Evolution Management Framework (BEM) add worth to the disruptive factor during an evolutionary process.

General information


Increscere is Latin and means -> Growth

Iteratio is Latin too and means-> Repetition

In the BEM Framework, the iterative and incremental strategy supports the mission team in poorly prepared processes or tasks, in handling issues of the market using stickers or work packages.

Iteration isolation

If a task is isolated for an improvement iteration, the assigned specialists take over the improvement cycle and the schedule planning.


If a task got isolated for improvement and was a significant improvement reached after several improvement iterations, a rehabilitation into the next possible evolutionary cycle should be made. Requirement: The rehabilitation should not endanger the wanted evolutionary cycle.

Goal of the improvement iteration

The Isolation of issues minimizes risks and complexity and secures the goal of a mission cycle. The mission team will be freed from having to handle with limitation factors.

Incremental approach

To identify issues early, it is importanr to act step by step. A small-step-strategy makes improvement iterations easier and more effective.


The goal reaching process has to be secured. Issues should be minimized by the market and organization. The mission team has to free the company from limitation factors. This is why improvement iterations should be handled by mission specialists.

Inspiration & more information

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