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The MMP is an output of the Minimum Viable Products (MVP) and is designed with the minimum worth to be successful in a test market. The value addition is specialized on gaining feedback from the test market and the organization. With the learned lessons, the MMP will be further optimized.

General Information

The Minimum Marktable Product (MMP) is a suitable method for lean oriented startup managers to reduce risks, wrong inventions and to gain market- and organizational insights. They can use the gained knowledge for further product developments and implement them in further evolutionary cycles.

Usage possibilities

MMP's can be used in many ways

  • Product development
  • Business model and strategy development
  • Software development
  • Service development
  • Designing of service organizations

Business Evolution Management Framework (BEM) and Minimum Marktable Product

The BEM Framework is focused on being a useful framework for lean oriented managers to support the MMP with best practices.

up4d BEM Software and Minimum Marktable Product

The up4d BEM Software manages evolutionary data and templates for entrepreneurs, supports the usage of best practices to Minimum Marketable Products (MMP) and creates evolutionary cycles in process- and strategy development.

Goal of the Minimum Marktable Product

Lean oriented manager use the Minimum Marketable Products (MMP) to test if a first Return on Investment is manageable and how big the effort for it is as well as what can be improved. Therefore it helps to minimize risks, wrong investitures and to further improve the MMP in evolutionary cycles.


In evolutionary cycles, the ability to gain and secure the first Return on Investment (ROI) in the test market is needed to finalize the MMP, and to survive in the market. The MMP gets enriched with experiences, knowledge and skills to enable the innovation to a market accepted product and to reduce risks.

Inspiration & more information

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