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Events about overarching topics, that are held at real locations.

General information:


At onsite events, mainly presentations are held and workshops are made.

up4d Onsite Event

At his onsite events, up4distribution mediates knowledge about the successful development of startup management. The market is developing faster than ever. Because of that a startup requires more time and moneyto get noticed. At this type of event we show you in a workshop, how the development of an agile mission works and how to generate more attention with your marketing.

Participation conditions

up4distribution offers his onsite events at big events. To participate, visit this page to enroll at the event.

Goal of Onsite Events

Onsite events aim for the main goal, to convey important knowledge and best practices about overarching topics.

Inspiration & more information

- up4distribution -> the agile startup incubator and accelerator