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Short presentations (mostly in front of potential investors or customers) with the goal to convince.

Background information:

Types of pitches

Elevator Pitch -> Very short presentations (ruffly 30 Seconds). The goal of elevator pitches is to make investors interested enough to want to speak longer with you.

High-Concept-Pitch -> In this kind of pitches, speakers have the task to summarize their business model using only one meaningful sentence.

Pitch -> Classic pitch (ruffly 15 minutes). The speakers mostly use presentation slides to emphasize their arguments.

Pitch Deck

With the term pitch deck, the entirety of all presentation tools is described. The main part of those tools are presentation slides. The presentation slides shouldn't extend over 13 pages. The information should be precise and interesting.

up4d Pitches

up4distribution offers think tank Services regarding the topic pitching , that aim to make pitches more effective and efficient:

- Pre-Pitch-Package -> Preparation of the Pitch Deck

- Pitch-Improvement-Package -> Improvement iterations regarding the pitch deck

- Think Tank Package -> Complete pitch development

Goals of pitches

- Gain customers

- Gain investors

- Employee motivation

- Gain business partners

- Networking

Inspiration & more information

- up4distribution -> the agile startup incubator and accelerator

- Investor-Pitch for startups