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The prototype is the first, basic version of the desired product or service.

General information

Prototyping is a useful method for lean oriented startup managers to start with a product or service. The prototyping minimizes risks, wrong investions and helps in gaining feedback.

Usage possibilities

Prototypes can be used in many different ways

  • Product development
  • Business model and strategy development
  • Software development
  • Service development
  • Designing of service organizations

Business Evolution Management Framework (BEM) and prototyping

The BEM Framework is specialized on lean oriented startup managers and change management providers. It supports the development of the protoype by being a useful framework with best practices.

up4d BEM Software and prototyping

The up4d BEM Software manages the evolutionary data for entrepreneurs, supports the usage of best practices and provides evolutionary cycles for the process- and strategy development.

Goal of the prototype

Lean oriented managers use the minimum viable products (MVP) to reduce unnecessary efforts and risks and to prohibit themselves from wrong investments. With feedback from investors, share- and stakeholders, the prototype will be enriched with new requested features in further evolutionary cycles to convince investors, share- and stakeholders, market partners and the organization to invest.


In evolutionary cycles, a market- or organizational input gets enriched with investors, share- and stakeholders and with feedback from early on to improve the innovation with experiences, knowledge and market requested features and to develop a useful market or organizational input. This method minimizes risks and wrong inventions.

Inspiration & more information

- up4distribution -> the agile startup incubator and accelerator