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The term startup is used to describe young companies that are in the beginning stages of their development and that settled in rather risky market niches.

General information


Startups have a relatively small success quote, therefore the potential short odds are high in case of success.

Startup Facts

- On average, startups need 7 years, to become profitable

- Winner of Startup competitions do not have a better surviving rate

- Average age of entrepreneurs: 29 years

- 11.000 new startups are launched every hour

- 70% of all startups fail

Startup Acceleration

up4distribution helps startups with the BEM Framework and best practices to accelerate the development process.

Startup Incubation

With the BEM Framework, up4distribution gives entrepreneurs best practices and starting aid in founding a business.


Startups and its founders that are using the Business Evolution Management (BEM) as their framework, create the future of a mission with more speed and know-how.

Inspiration & more information

- up4distribution -> the agile startup incubator and accelerator