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Welcome to the up4d WIKI. Here visionary entrepreneurs are able to find helpful knowledge regarding the utilization of the Business Evolution Management Framework (BEM) and of Best Practices.

General information


The company up4distribution is BEM-Framework-Software provider and service provider for visionary user of the Business Evolution Management Framework (BEM).


- This is a free MediaWIKI

- For better readability, we do not use the male and female version simultaniously. We are always adressing males and females.

Content validation and maintenance

To make sure that the up4d wiki text validation and maintenace is a simple process, public editing functions are disabled.

We are always open for change and improvement suggestions:

- up4d contact

Inspiration & more information

- What is strategy I Prof. David Kryscynski I 2015

- The art of doing twice as much in half the time I Jeff Sutherland I TEDxAix I 2014

- The evolution of business I Amanda Joy Ravenhill I Tedx Tokio 2014

- The art of innovation I Guy Kawasaky I TEDxBerkeley I 2014

- The art of innovation I Inspired Innovation I Dimis Michaelides I TEDxGramercy I 2012

- Introduction to strategy management I David Kryscynski I 2012

- Competing values framework introduction I Dr. Jeff DeGraff I 2012

- Living with complexity I Don Norman I Stanford Center for Professional University (Development) 2011

- Start with why I Simon Sinek I TEDxPugetSound I 2009

- Internal meeting "Think Different" I Steve Jobs I 1997

- up4distribution -> the agile startup incubator and accelerator